About Our Almond Butter Crunch

Fraser Valley Gourmet was founded in 2006, when Katherine Geiger finally allowed herself to be convinced that people were going nuts over the Almond Butter Crunch candy she had been making as Christmas gifts for 20years. It began leaping off trade show tables immediately, and can now be found doing much the same at various shops in the Vancouver area.

Since its inception, Fraser Valley Gourmet has tried to deliver a consistently great tasting candy that has the best soft-crunch texture and fabulous toffee flavour in each bite.  Some say it is irresistible and they just can’t stop eating it.  Others comment, “It’s just like my grandma makes at Christmas!” (Now that’s high praise)  As the name suggests, we use 100% real Island Farms butter for a homemade flavour that can’t be beat, and not only does our candy taste incredible, but it is also:

  • Handmade in small batches
  • Locally produced with domestic & imported ingredients
  • Contains NO artificial colours, flavours or preservatives
  • Made without additives or stabilizers
  • Gluten Free

Our renowned Almond Butter Crunch is available in either 150g or 300g boxes or the 30g Pillow Pak in milk or dark topping. You can find our delicious Almond Butter Crunch in many popular retail locations - such as, Whole Foods Markets, Gourmet Warehouse and Urban Fare locations. For a list of retail location near you, click here. You may also be interested in taking advantage of our cost effective Bulk Orders or Resale Opportunities.

  • Meet the founder.

    photo of Katherine Geiger Fraser Valley GourmetKatherine Geiger has always had a love for baking - chocolate and candy making in particular, and in the late 1980’s it just so happened that she took a simple candy recipe, altered it and eventually perfected it. Kathy began making the candy and simply gifting it to friends and family during the holiday season. Certainly, she was unaware that the eventual outcome of this activity would be the founding of her own candy company.

    In a short time, the popularity of the toffee treat became apparent. Requests for the confection began to be submitted well before the approach of the holidays and the candy remained the subject of conversation long after the holiday season ended. Although the widespread appeal of Kathy's almond butter crunch was conspicuous, the prospect of offering her candy for sale was not readily embraced. Indeed, Kathy's initial craft show excursion would be the result of a persistent, and ultimately persuasive, husband.

    The suggestion that Kathy turn her admiration for candy making into a business enterprise turned out to be well-conceived. Today, Fraser Valley Gourmet's Almond Butter Crunch can be found on the shelves of some of the best stores throughout the Lower Mainland and beyond (though the confection has become so coveted it is always in seemingly insufficient supply).

    For Kathy, the secret to success has always been in the use of fresh and simple ingredients - along with, of course, the capacity to depend on a few good friends. Kathy is the first to acknowledge the reality that her candy making venture would not have achieved its present standing without those who work alongside her everyday; that is, if one can truly describe making candy with one's friends and husband as work.

    And while from humble beginnings Fraser Valley Gourmet has grown a great deal, Kathy continues to be diligent in her stance that if you’re going to enjoy a sweet treat, it should be flavourful and made without unnecessary additives.

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